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Sunday, 7 September 2008

At the altitude of Mount Yatsugatake become a J-POP artist...

This was an unforgettable party at Mr. Takeuchi's mountain hut (more pictures here) with Sudo Mon exquisite guitar playing and singing, as well as with the duo songs performed by Mr. Takeuchi and Teru Tsushima. At one moment Teru proposed to play something together. I picked up my Octave Viola (Chin-Cello, pomposa, bassetto da spalla, cello or bellacella or whatever you call it... ) and improvised together. That was fun!

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P.S. Thanks to my friend Oyama-san for this shot.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Carbon-fiber ChinCello and traditional Cello da Spalla: sound samples

Here is a sound sample of a Guscott electric carbon-fiber chincello strung with Super-Sensitive Viola Octave strings developed in collaboration with John Cavanaugh of Super-Sensitive.

Sound samples of my violoncello da spalla strung with Aquila Strings can be heard on my YouTube channel. The latter was recorded by funs with amateur video cameras. Professional sounds can be heard on my CDs (here is the latest, there are four solos, listen track 2 for example) or in this video (news program on Tokyo MXTV).

Note that I always use an A-string by Super-Sensitive, while E, D, G and C by Aquila. Aquila A-string needs further developments and so do the Super-Sensitive's lower C and G-strings, though these were used by Ryo Terakado (who plays on an instrument built here) at some point in the past.